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4 Part Series

Easy to Learn,  Easy-to-Follow

Self Paced

Step-by-Step Methodology

60+ Videos

Downloadable Audio Meditations

Shift your Frequency, Shift your Life

Within the higher frequencies is a flow of well-being, possibilities and desirable outcomes.


Using an easy-to-follow, easy-to-learn, set of energetic (meditative) techniques, you will gain access to and connect with hidden realms of awareness within your own consciousness. These realms are a doorway to self-knowledge, growth, and the expansion of your creative capacity.


Create and Amplify

Within these highly potent states of consciousness, thoughts and emotions can be aligned, structured, and focused to create and amplify attractive, vibrational frequencies.

These amplified frequencies, in turn, set in motion events within your life experience. 


The Magic is Within

  • Gain access to hidden spaces within your consciousness

  • Find balance and connect to your wisdom within these expanded levels of awareness

  • Learn to hold your space and clear unwanted energies from within

  • Consciously raise and hold higher, vibrational, frequencies

  • Amplify your energetic field to increase attractiveness to desired outcomes and experiences

  • Move in sync with the flow of your life

Course Components

Know yourself at the many levels of your being


When one's consciousness is focused or centered within oneself.

Holding Space

An understanding and utilization of one's own energy and energetic boundaries.

The Higher Mind

A place of clarity where thoughts are impersonal and guidance more accessible.


An inquiry into deeper levels of awareness, and how to use as guidance.

The Sacred Heart

Your birthright. A highly personal space where love of self is the spoken language.


Utilizing the Earth's magnetic field to stabilize one's own energy.

Energetic Field

A powerful synthesis of thought and emotional energy.

Sacred Geometry

The building blocks of creation and the creative process.

The Flow

A stream of potentials, possibilities and desired outcomes.


4.8 out of 5 Stars

This course was absolutely wonderful and inspirational, very well presented and explained. It adds structure, guidance, and transformation on your spiritual journey! I highly recommend it!!

Victoria P, Yoga Instructor

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