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Get in the Flow of your Life ...

8 Lessons

Each Building on the Last

30+ Topics

Organized and Easy to Follow

40+ Videos

Engaging and Entertaining

This Course is all about YOU

When you connect with yourself a world of possibilities and potentials become available. This course is about learning to listen, trust and follow yourself. 

A Model and Methodology

Learn a way of orienting yourself in the world to create and navigate in alignment, integrity and ease. The alignment and integrity are with oneself. The feeling and experience of ease is a result of this alignment.


Where your Pathway Leads

  • Gain clarity on the events and circumstances of your life

  • Raise your awareness of opportunities and potentials

  • Learn to recognize optimal choices for yourself

  • Feel supported as you move forward

  • Increase trust in yourself

Breaking Through

Discover a practical model and methodology for navigating and creating in the world, the virtual world we call reality. Imagine how different life would be if we understood the rules of the game.


8 Life Changing Lessons

Understand the fundamentals of yourself and your creative capacity. 

Intro to the Flow

What is the Flow and how does it work? An overview of the model and methodology.

Signs and Symbols

A method for understanding guidance mechanisms within our external realities.

Orienting in VR

How to better orient yourself within a projected reality; or the reality of our perceptions.

Beyond the 5 Senses

An inquiry into deeper levels of awareness, and how to use as guidance.

The Flow and the Container

A conceptual dive into the essential components of creation.

The Secret Life of Intentions

Understanding the impact of our unconscious intentions.


Claiming the unseen creative capacity within each of us.


What is the Flow and how does it work? An overview of the model and methodology.

Who You Are


4.7 out of 5 Stars

This course has significantly changed my way of thinking about life. It is designed to help you know and believe that you are truly on the right path no matter what circumstance you are in. I encourage all people to take this course, become aware of the paths in front of you, and make choices that will benefit your life. Thanks Ramsey for making this course! I am now more confident in the choices I make as I continue to create and expand.

Emily Aguilar, Film Maker

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