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Utilizing Group Energy

Easy-to-Follow Pathway to Consciousness

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Shift your Frequency, Shift your Life

Within the higher frequencies is a flow of well-being, possibilities and desirable outcomes.

Engage your Life

Most of us attempt to change our lives by making mental choices and employing raw will power. This may work for a time, but only to the degree that our choices happen to align with us energetically. The Shifting Frequencies Workshops are designed to create balance, promote well-being, and catalyze real change in your life. 




Using an easy-to-follow, easy-to-learn, set of energetic (meditative) techniques, you will gain access to and connect with hidden realms of awareness within your own consciousness. These realms are a doorway to self-knowledge, growth, and the expansion of your creative capacity.

Create and Amplify

Within these highly potent states of consciousness, thoughts and emotions can be aligned, structured, and focused to create and amplify attractive, vibrational frequencies.

These amplified frequencies, in turn, set in motion events within your life experience. 



Move in the Flow

An upward shift in vibrational frequency catalyzes change. As these changes occur, opportunities often show up in unexpected ways. Learn to understand, trust, and follow the hints and nudges in your exterior world, leading you to paths of least resistance for that which you most desire.

Expand and Grow

We are much more than we know ourselves to be. Within each consciousness is a creative capacity that far exceeds anything available within the current, material paradigm. When energetic alignment is given first priority and consciously chosen, expansion and growth are guaranteed.



The Magic is Within

  • Gain access to hidden spaces within your consciousness
  • Find balance and connect to your wisdom within these expanded levels of awareness
  • Learn to hold your space and clear unwanted energies from within
  • Consciously raise and hold higher, vibrational, frequencies
  • Amplify your energetic field to increase attractiveness to desired outcomes and experiences
  • Move in sync with the flow of your life

Course Components

Know yourself at many levels of your being.


When one's consciousness is focused or centered within oneself.

The Higher Mind

A place of clarity where thoughts are impersonal and guidance more accessible.


The ability to move unwanted thoughts, emotions and energy from one's space.

Holding Space

An understanding and utilization of one's own energy and energetic boundaries.

The Sacred Heart

Your birthright. A highly personal space where love of self is the spoken language.


Utilizing the Earth's magnetic field to stabilize one's own energy.

Energetic Field

A powerful synthesis of thought and emotional energy.

Sacred Geometry

The building blocks of creation and the creative process.

The Flow

A stream of potentials, possibilities and desired outcomes.


4.8 out of 5.0 Stars

This course was absolutely wonderful and inspirational, very well presented and explained. It adds structure, guidance, and transformation on your spiritual journey! I highly recommend it!!

Victoria P.

Yoga Instructor

Hi Ramsey, Sending you an update on the potential job…they have offered me the position! I will officially accept this week. I am certain this is happening in large part because of the raising of my vibration and intentions through the mediations and tools you have taught me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Kimberly Keese

National Sales Director

When I began the first class, I felt lost, alone and the near future looked bleak. You planted seeds, suggestions in my mind which then grew into innate comprehension. You demonstrated effective, efficient techniques to modify my head space. You subtly introduced concepts in one session and consistently reinforced them in ensuing sessions. Since then, my sense of control and confidence returned as my project management skills kicked in and I began analyzing prospective objectives...

Audrea Elliot

Software Developer

Shifting Frequencies provided me with tools and methods I now utilize on a daily basis. Not only can I meditate and go deeper into my personal/sacred space when I want, but I also gained tools to plug in when I feel off-balance and swamped by anxiety. The course didn't magically change my environment or circumstances, but I changed. I now have an ability to shift energy in my surroundings. I'm confident to say that as a result of this course, I've become a more observant and capable person, making better decisions.

Jina Kang

Government Relations Manager

Shifting Frequencies has had a significant positive impact on both my professional and personal well-being. What I have learned helps me handle stress and actually eliminate it. I now enjoy a new clarity and sense of peace. This course has more than met my expectations.

Cate Mowrey

RN, Malignancy Case Manager

Ramsey‘s energy work is so subtly powerful and builds exponentially. I am so delighted with his masterful gentleness. In his space I discovered the agility needed to cleanse my energetic body. This allows me to confidently move through life in a powerful relationship with myself, which I believe is fundamental.

Susan Hoskins


Shifting Frequencies has opened a door to a side of my life I have ignored in the past. I've had hunches and moments of inspiration. Participating in Shifting Frequencies has put me in the driver's seat for the discovery of my energetic self. Thank you Ramsey

Arnold Murray



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