Imagine our reality to be much like a video game, constructed with a particular set of rules and features. And imagine that the experience of our game is so fully immersive that at some point after entry we forget why we decided to play and, eventually, that we are even in a game at all. In this scenario, we soon find ourselves disoriented and confused.

Fortunately, in this game, each of us is given a key feature, a device embedded right within our avatars.  This device is a compass of sorts designed to remind us of our reality outside of the game, and to keep us on track with our reason for playing. If only we could remember how to use it.



Infinity Compass presents a practical model and methodology for navigating and creating in the world, the virtual world we call reality.

Imagine how different life would be if you understood the rules of the game.


In order to use any compass one must first have a map. Orienting, then, is an understanding of the map of our reality and where we find ourselves in relationship to it.


When properly oriented a literal world of guidance mechanisms becomes available. Some of these are familiar, while others are only possible as a result of the new orientation. Attuning is the process of learning to sense, observe, receive and trust.


Being attuned to our guidance systems means having access to a knowledge base that operates outside the constructs of the game. This translates, practically, to avoiding unseen pitfalls and being able to make choices that are in alignment with our true intentions.


Why do some creative projects come to fruition so easily while others seem to flounder perpetually, or fail miserably right from the start? The answer lies in an understanding of the principals at play anytime we set about to create anything in the world.


Learning to use the methodology meant learning to navigate my life, invigorating my sense of purpose and passion. I learned about the process of creating, about the signals within me prompting me to go where I need and ideally want to be.

- Farrah

I knew that I was craving a change of pace and to get out of the stressful situation I was in, but I was having trouble trusting myself. As I moved through the class I began to pay attention to what my overall being wanted as opposed to what I thought was expected of me. I began to trust and understand that there was no shame in what I was feeling, and to know that even 'failure' would be a good thing.

- Ann

I loved the format and the ease of access. I was able to ask questions and immediately get clarification. Everything was relatable and applicable to what was happening in my life, and was great to be able to share the results as I followed the process.

- Stacey

I had been learning to listen to myself again, and this class further catalized my intution as well as solidified my trust in myself

- Ashley

The class opened me to more possibilities and fewer limitations. I then stopped questioning myself and instead began trusting.

- Alev

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