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to a journey together outside the limitations of our perceived realities, and an exploration of who we really are. As we journey together, we offer perspectives, techniques, and courses to assist in this exploration and personal expansion.

Beyond the Material Matrix

If you are reading this, you may have already concluded that a purely material description of ourselves and our realities is neither adequate nor accurate. This is to say that many (if not all) of our experiences of "self" and of "reality" do not fit neatly within the materialist paradigm. From our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, to our visions and dreams, we often find ourselves wondering what is driving all this? Where are these ideas, intuitions, and inspirations coming from?


Let us consider a not-so-ancient possibility, one that has been passed down through countless traditions. And that is, that reality as a whole, and we, as beings, are both material and immaterial, both body and spirit.


Trapped within today's material matrix, this sounds like crazy talk or magical thinking. This is because, from within the materialist paradigm, the immaterial aspects of SELF (of ourselves) are barely visible. Instead, they are neatly hidden behind the walls of a perceptual prison—a material lens so to speak. In other words, we cannot perceive that which we do not believe exists.


But if the dual nature of ourselves and our realities is the more accurate description, imagine how much of ourselves and our realities we're actually missing out on.


If you've made the mental leap beyond the material matrix then perhaps you've begun asking yourself the more practical questions. How is this useful to me? How can I connect with these hidden aspects of myself and my reality to perhaps receive guidance, navigate through my life, and maybe even create more desirable outcomes?



Vision to Fruition

Infinity Compass courses, tools, and techniques are designed to connect you with the fullness of your being, allowing you to create and navigate in relationship and communication with that fullness. This leads to harmony, flow, and better outcomes.

Follow the Signs

Creating in the Flow is an easy-to-follow video guide on all the many ways our intuition hints, nudges, and guides us along to better outcomes or better methods of achieving those desired outcomes. Start with a FREE introduction.

Level Up

The Shifting Frequencies Series offers easy-to-learn, powerful, meditative tools and techniques to directly access human frequency and shift it into optimal levels of attraction and influence. Start with a FREE introduction.


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