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Infinity Compass presents a model, methodology, and way of orienting oneself in the world to create and navigate in alignment, integrity and ease. The alignment and integrity are with one's self. The feeling and experience of ease is a result of this alignment.


The methodology begins with an orientation to one's infinite capacity for creation (the larger aspects of one's SELF), and a recognition of how we as individual expressions of that capacity are constantly creating on multiple levels of our experience. From this orientation we begin to recognize how the events and circumstances of our lives are not only not random, but actually an expression of that vast, creative capacity; one that far exceeds even our ability to comprehend on a conscious level. This understanding allows us to step into an experience of creating in alignment with the flow of events in our lives as opposed to playing out an age old narrative of constant struggle against a reality that is always and necessarily aligned against us. While evidence for latter is easy to find, evidence of the former is just as easily missed or even dismissed.


The methodology is about learning to listen within for the creative impulses that most align with who you are and then becoming conscious of the cascade of support that shows up externally as a result of your participation with these impulses. Creations can range from experiencing the flow in your day to catalyzing profound changes within your individual life experience. There is no limit to where the current of your creative capacity can take you when you learn to listen, trust and follow yourself.

Ramsey Mourad has been a spiritual and consciousness explorer throughout most of his life, with an intense focus on transformative meditation (a.k.a. alchemy) for the past 15 years. He has experienced challenges, failures, successes and all kinds of other stuff. He presents, teaches, writes, podcasts, and facilitates the process of self discovery for others wherever he can. 

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