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Shifting Frequencies 1


In part one of this series, we learn to access and utilize a dimensional reality where there is clarity of thought (higher mind), the ability to sense subtle energies, and the creation of an energetic time and space buffer between ourselves and the drama of the outside world. The online version of this course is not yet available, but will be soon. More about Shifting Frequencies: The correlation between vibrational frequency and experience is a direct one. This means the vibrational frequency we attune ourselves to directly affects that which we experiences in life, both internally and externally. When we are attuned to the stress and anxiety channel, for example, life can feel like we are treading water in the high seas. We can find ourselves being bounced from one event to another with a barely a moment to catch our breaths. This frequency is a highly reactive one with hair pin triggers for self-preservation and defense, creating all kinds of disharmony with those around us. Creative choices within this frequency are very difficult to see and even more difficult to make. But as hard as it is to believe, a shift in frequency is not only possible, it's readily available regardless of life's circumstances. That same normally high stress day can turn into one with more time, space and creative choice. We can move from the experience of bobbing in the waves to one of looking out over the turbulent waters from atop the stable deck of an ocean liner. When in an elevated frequency, interactions with those around us go from defensive reactions to neutral observations. Shifting Frequencies is about first becoming aware of the vibrational choices we make each day, often unconsciously, and then making available and employing mechanisms to promote desired states of well being.

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