Treasure Map 2020

A Workshop for Bold Adventures in Self Discovery


On December 29, 2019 (1:00PM to 4:00PM)
at the Renaissance Hotel 999 9th Street, Washington DC 20001

(Board Room 15)

Cost: $77.77

Most of us close out each year with unresolved, and often unconscious, thoughts and feelings of regret, which we then foist upon the New Year in the form of resolutions only to find ourselves in a similar place of dissatisfaction the following year. But what if this reflexive action has little to do with who we are, and actually has us missing opportunities for real resolution?


Imagine for a moment that 2019 was neither a success nor a failure, but rather a year full of secret clues for future potentials and hidden treasures; that each past and present moment, in fact, was and is embedded with, hints, nudges and messages as to what direction will take us where we most want to go.


Imagine still, that true resolution comes not from self judgement, but rather from self-acceptance and trust in one's own internal guidance. Imagine and join us for an exploration as to who we are and what we were really up to in 2019, as well as where and what we might be nudging ourselves toward in 2020. Then together, let's prepare our vessels to set sail for new adventures.


Treasure Map 2020 is an interactive, self-discovery, and self-awareness workshop combining conceptual models, storytelling, and group activities. The workshop is designed to help each of us to take a deeper look at our creative impulses as well as the obstacles blocking our way. The map as well as the hidden treasure is within and all around us, if only we will allow ourselves to receive, trust and follow. Join us to discover your treasure map for 2020.

This event is held live via Zoom Meetings.