Shifting Frequencies Advanced Course


Take your frequency to another level. This course is for those who have taken the Shifting Frequencies Weekly or Weekend Workshop and are now ready for more. This course consists of four sessions delivered live, once weekly. Our next course begins Monday June 6, 2022.



The Shifting Frequencies Advanced Course will focus on purpose, alignment and harmony. We will begin with an exploration of the causal body, and, through it, learn to align our creations with the deeper strand of desire running through each of us as individuals. Aligning the mental and emotional bodies with the causal will shortcut many of the distracting side roads we tend to walk down while simultaneously directing us onto our individual main roads, so to speak. In relation to this, we will also be working with triads. These are selected chakras within the body that can be harmonized with each other to produce working blocks or sets of energetic configurations. These configurations or triads can be used to create profound areas of focus within and without the body. The result of all of this is a deeper connection to who we are as creators, a further anchoring to frequencies of less resistance, and more flow in the direction of our desires.