is a course designed to reconnect you with who you are, both inside and outside of the simulation we call reality. Outside of the simulation you are a creator with infinite capacity and potential. Inside you are a navigator— a game character with unique attributes and limitations specifically designed for the potential experiences being offered.  Creating in the flow occurs when there is communication between these two aspects of yourself.

The primary focus of this series is on awakening you as participant, as navigator, to all the many ways your creative capacity is communicating, nudging and leading you along to expressions best suited to you as an individual.

The course is about to learning to listen, trust and follow yourself whenever choices present themselves ... which is constantly.

Listening to yourself is easy when you understand the rules of the game. Instead of being lost within a sea of competing voices and interests, what is being offered here is a set of practical tools and distinctions designed to raise your awareness to all the many messages, hints, nudges you are receiving, and to help you discern between those that serve you and those that do not.

Why this Course?

This course is designed to help you navigate life's many choices and to recognize opportunity. Practically speaking, there is a world of opportunity presenting itself to each of us each and every day. Most of us miss this world because we are dedicated to the pathways laid out by others. Creating in the Flow is about being in the current, your current, and discovering the amazing places it will take you when you learn to listen, trust and follow yourself.


Who is this for?

This course and methodology is for everyone, but not necessarily for just anyone, or just anyone at anytime. This course might be a great choice for you if the words on this website speak to you, ring true for you, or if you feel a sense of agreement within your body as you read along. By the same token, this methodology might not be a great choice for you, (or not a great choice for you at this time), if you find yourself resistant to, arguing with, or even repelled by the words on this page or website in general. Both sets of responses, as well as a myriad in between, are valid and validating of the incredible guidance system available to each of us when we make the choice to tune in, listen and trust ourselves.  Navigation is, in large part, about learning to trust that guidance system that will often tell you what your mind has yet to figure out, or in some cases refuses to recognize. So in short, consider this course if it agrees with you and dismiss it if it does not. Both choices are perfect. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle then perhaps investigate it a little further to see which way your compass points.




Mainly, your participation. This may seem like a small thing, but it's actually everything. When we show up in life and agree to engage with what is presenting itself to us, then the once stagnant pool we were swimming in becomes a living, moving stream compelling us forward. This holds true for every participant as well as the instructor.

You'll also need a computer or phone, an internet connection, and a quiet space.


This is an online course with mainly recorded video content. The course is broken down into 8 Lessons or Units, covering over 30 topics and including over 40 videos. After, or even during the course, participants are invited to participate in monthly webinars with questions, answers, and a deeper dive into the various topics.